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Quality Therapy



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A small red and infrared light therapy panel, suitable for use in your home. Each panel comes with 60 x 3W Anti-Flicker LEDs in your choice of configuration. QT-FACE runs on 100-240v for use wherever you are in the world.

Quality Therapy, delivers medical quality. Dual switches allow you to use 660nm (red light), 850nm (infrared/NIR) or a combination of both. These light wavelengths have been scientifically proven to provide many and varied therapeutic effects.

All products meet all relevant US and European tests and quality requirements. Our panels all have FDA & CE marking. We always strive to deliver products that are safe, effective and long-term sustainable. 


  • LED Power:
    • LEDs: 60 x 3W
    • 30 x LEDs @ 660nm (red light)
    • 30 x LEDs @ 850nm (infrared/NIR)
    • Beam Angle: 30°60°
  • Flicker Frequency: Flicker free
  • Nominal Power: 180W (60*3W)
  • Lifespan: 50 000 hours
  • EMF Emissions: Negligible (0.0 UT)
  • Product size: 25.9cm, 20.8cm, 6.35cm
  • Weight: 2.6kg
    • Voltage: 100-240V AC (Works worldwide. Comes with US, EU, UK, AU plugs
    • Certifications: FDA, CE, RoHS
    • 2 year warranty


    • 1x Metal rope
    • 1x 24V3A driver 1.5m cable
    • 1x Safety glasses
    • 1x User manual

    Order: Delivery within 14 working days

    Shipping included. VAT, fees and taxes are included. Delivery insurance is included. 2 year warranty.

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